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Literature Research Guide: The Human Footprint-Darnell/Stinson

Find information about books, authors, criticisms, etc.

Day One: Citations/Build your infographic

Day One

Step One: Citing sources in noodletools

  1. Open up noodletools and create project: "infographics"
  2. Click on "new source" and depending on source:
    1. Book
      1. "Print or in-hand" --> "Book" 
      2. Where it says ISBN: type in the ISBN of the book using no dashes between the numbers.
      3. Click on search and then the selected book.
        1. Then click import selected source and save
    2. Global Issues in Context
      1. "Database"
      2. Original Content in database
      3. Quick cite: copy and paste a citation--> save

To Start Canva:

  1. "Sign up for google"
  2. Click on student and then skip the following page
  3. Type "infographic" and look for a template that is going to fit your research and topic

To export your citations:

Find the "Print/Export" drop down button on the homepage of your project.

Click either "print/export to word" or "print/export to docs".

Printing Directions

Directions of how to print Canva info graphic:

  1. Click "download" on the top right of the page
  2. Under the file type, change it to either "PDF standard" or "PDF Print" 
  3. Click download and then click on the download
  4. Click on print and then under "more settings" change the scale to "fit to paper"
  5. Make sure the destination is "HS-Student Color"