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Video Game Effects: Negative effects of video games

The positive and negative effects of video games.


Addictive personalities

scientist are concerned that teens spend excessive time playing video games and have the brain of a gambler because the same area in the brain is active in the teen while playing video games as the gambler while gambling 

Desensitizing teenagers

repetitive violent media desensitizes teens and blunts their emotional responses to aggression because they are use to seeing it, they may think that an aggressive acts may be okay because it might not seem as bad to them.



Lack of exercise

when teens are inside playing video games it leaves less time for them to go outside and get the necessary amount of exercise needed. Usually when teens play video games they consume unhealthy snacks such as chips, candy, and soda and consuming these substances often, without exercise in a teens daily routine can be bad for their health. Long term effects from a lifestyle involving not enough exercise and over consumption of unhealthy foods could lead to unhealthy weight gain and possible damage to internal organs.

Isolation from family and peers

self isolation due to video games can harm personal relationships in a persons life. People who isolate themselves because they are addicted to gaming often avoid contact with others because they are too involved in what they are playing and do not want to leave the game, this is how personal relationships are lost or ruined.