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Polar Bears: Static and Habitat

Global warming is when the earth gets warmer. It is also when sea ice melts and affects the polar bears lives from birth on. Ice platforms for polar bears are moving farther apart making food scarce and swimming conditions more dangerous.

how they are dying

The polar bear population is decreasing.  Polar bears are dying fast because their habitat is disappearing. The smaller hunting grounds also do no provide enough food so

the bears are getting thinner and producing smaller cubs  

How Polar Bears Find their mate

The female polar bear finds their partner around age 4-5. 

Males take longer to mature and find a mate around 5-6. 

Couples are only together about a week before separating. 

Male polar bears hunt females by their smell.

Two male polar bears may fight over a female. 

How Bears get their fat

Polar bears get most of their fat between late April and mid July. As the arctic gets warm due to the climate change the ice is forming later in the season and polar bears have to wait longer  to begin their hunting. 

how much ice as declined

Since 1979 summer ice has declined by 30%.The ice is an important food source for the polar bears. Increased warmth means more ice is melting and the food source for polar bears is decreasing.

Giving Birth

In autumn polar bears build a den where a pregnant polar bear will give birth during the winter. Sometime between December and January the polar bear gives birth.  

The cubs grow fast due to the body heat and milk produced by their mother. They leave the den sometime between March and April.


What is Sea ice

The sea ice is the place for polar bears to live, hunt, and reproduce.

 If there is no sea ice that means polar bears cannot hunt and will die.