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Polar Bears: Global Warming And Polar Bears

Global warming is when the earth gets warmer. It is also when sea ice melts and affects the polar bears lives from birth on. Ice platforms for polar bears are moving farther apart making food scarce and swimming conditions more dangerous.


Polar bear population is decreasing.
Polar bears are marine mammals, they spend most of their time in sea rather then on land. 

countries effected by sea ice

Polar bears live in Russia, the United States of America,  Greenland, and Norway in the colder regions of these areas.


Ice is disappearing. Every summer the remaining ice is getting smaller making food scarce.  The polar bears are also forced to swim longer and farther in open ocean water.  Some of the bears, particularly cubs do not survive.  Those that do come ashore thinner.

Sea ice melts

Sea ice now is melting earlier in spring and forming later in autumn. This forces the bears to spend longer periods without food and is causing their health  to decline. 

Eating Habitat

Polar bears are hungry bears. Since they do not have all the ice and seal hunting they will look for food wherever they can.