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Social Studies Research Guide: Toto/Barash Western Civ Project '19

Salon Project

Step 1: Begin your research here!

Step 2: Citations

Easy way to "quick cite" using ISBN number on Noodle Tools:

  1. On the destiny page for your book there should be an ISBN number under "Publication Info", copy the ISBN number
    1. If you cannot find it....
      1. ​Google the title of your book.
      2. Look for a link to the book (either amazon or site where ISBN number is present.
        1. If you are having trouble finding it on amazon, it should be under "product details"
  2. Copy and paste the ISBN number into the section of quick cite on Noodle Tools. 
  3. **Take note of edition of book if there are multiple editions of your selected text.**

Step 3: Exporting Sources to a "Works Cited"

After you have your collection of sources imported into your noodletools:

You want to export them into a word doc: You do this by: 

  1. Head over to noodle tools and then your project.
  2. Once there, click on "print/export" and click on "print/export to word"
  3. Then it will download and copy the works cited to wherever you need it