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Literature Research Guide: Infographics

Find information about books, authors, criticisms, etc.

Day 1 & 2:

Day 1:

-You must conduct research using at least three different sources.

--From those sources, you have to find at least 15 facts on your selected topic.

--The sources MUST be either from the library database or an accredited website.

---Notes MUST be in your OWN WORDS.



Day 2: Noodletools and Organization

For today: 

-Keep researching your topic and recording facts.

--Remember, at LEAST three sources and fifteen facts

-Think about the construction of your infographic

--The most critical information: You want to stand out, think about big text and bright colors, draw the reader there. 


-Have a structure: Organize your information in a way that flows. 

--Think about going from top to bottom or using visual cues on your infographic to lead your reader from one piece of information to the next

---That helps create a story.


Start thinking of some visuals you might want to include on your infographic. 

A good place to start might be AP Images. 

Day 3: Constructing Infographic

For today:

-Begin creating your infographic by clicking the Canva link below.

-Sign up using your student email and the type in the search bar "infographics"

-Everything should be customizable, so if you want to start off with a clean template feel free to delete all the pre-made images and text on the template. 

-If you need to create a graph there is a link below to help you get started on that.

--Once you are done creating the graph, download it and then drag it or use the "upload" button on Canva to insert it into your infographic.